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CSA Shares

2020 Sampler Share

The same great produce as our Summer Share, but just once a month from July to October.

2020 Summer Share

A fresh assortment of healthy organic vegetables delivered to convenient locations in Duluth, Superior, Esko, Cloquet and Wrenshall once a week for an 18 week season, mid-June through mid-October.

2020-21 Egg Share

1 dozen brown eggs per week from our small flock of pampered hens. The best eggs around!

2020-21 Half Winter Share

Each month from November through April you will receive one 3/4 bushel box containing an assortment of delicious, organically grown storage vegetables--half the amount of the Regular Winter Share

2020-21 Picky Eater Winter Share

Make a custom selection of delicious, organically grown storage vegetables--two boxes per month from November through April

2020-21 Regular Winter Share

Each month from November through April you will receive two 3/4 bushel boxes containing an assortment of delicious, organically grown storage vegetables--certain to keep you going through the long winter!

Preserving Shares, Donations, and Bulk Orders

Basil Share ($49.00 )

A large grocery bag packed with premium basil ready to make into pesto to freeze for the winter. We grow this in the greenhouse and pick it with care so it's clean and ready to use right out of the bag--it's all tops and leaves, no stems and flowers.

From: Food Farm CSA

Canning Tomatoes ($49.00 )

One 35 lb. (3/4 bushel) box of ripe tomatoes for canning, freezing, or dehydrating. Or just eat them fresh if you're feeling ambitious!

From: Food Farm CSA

Donations ($10.00 )

Members who are able to make an additional contribution sustain the farm while keeping the share price affordable to others. We maintain two funds to support the long-term sustainability of the farm and the accessibility of our produce to those unable to purchase shares on their own.

From: Food Farm CSA

Garlic Share ($49.00 )

5 pounds of outstanding German Extra Hardy hardneck garlic. Large cloves make for easy peeling, and the flavor is outstanding.

From: Food Farm CSA

Green Beans Preserving Share ($49.00 )

****You pick these**** 25 pounds of delicious Green Beans to freeze or can.

From: Food Farm CSA

Juice Carrots 75# ($49.00 )

75 lb (two 3/4 bu boxes) of carrots to juice, bake, or preserve. These are juice-grade carrots, so they're ends, pieces, odd-shaped or otherwise cosmetically imperfect, but they still have great flavor!

From: Food Farm CSA

Leafy Greens Preserving Share ($49.00 )

One large 25 lb. box of Kale, Chard, or Collards for preserving.

From: Food Farm CSA