Schedule and Payment: Our Summer Share runs for 18 deliveries, June to October.  Our Winter Share runs for 6 deliveries, November to April. Members generally pay for the season's share before the first delivery.  A deposit is due at time of signup with the balance due by May 30th for Summer Shares and August 31st for Winter Shares. When paying by credit card, the whole balance is due at the time of order.  If this causes a financial hardship for you, please contact us to set up an alternative payment plan. We also have a Food Access Fund to help those of limited means purchase shares they might not otherwise be able to afford. Contact the farm for information on accessing these funds, or click here to donate.

Refunds: As a small farm, we depend upon our CSA members’ financial commitment for the full season. Deposits are non-refundable, but we may offer partial Summer Share refunds before May 1st or Winter Share refunds before August 1st. However, some exceptions may be made in cases of financial hardship.

Online Account: Members must create an online account on our website. This allows you to add or change some items, make payments, check number of deliveries, and other options. 

Pick-Up: Members agree to pick up their harvest box on schedule. Pick-up sites are member's homes, churches, or businesses and we want to respect their generosity. Changing pickup sites--either on a temporary or permanent basis--may be done by calling or emailing the farm. Any changes must be requested by 9 pm a full day before your delivery (Saturday for Monday's delivery, Tuesday for Thursday's). Please take time to read the specific pick-up details of the new site.

Vacation: There are a few options if you are going to be out of town during your pickup time:

1) Switch your pickup site--half the sites are delivered on Monday and the other half on Thursday.

2) Switch to farm pickup--we can hold your share in the cooler for a couple of days if necessary.

3) Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up for you--people love it when you share your food with them!

4) Donate your box--log in to your account and have us donate it to someone in need. Any changes must be entered by midnight a full day before your scheduled delivery.

Return your Box: Please return your box!!! The farm has made significant investment in sturdy, clean, reusable boxes instead of using less expensive non-recyclable waxed cardboard. We prefer members use their own bags or other containers to bring their food home, but if you must bring our box home please return it next week. 

Contact Us: Contact the farm with any questions or concerns.  Thanks for your patience in communicating with us, we do our best to balance our time in between the field and desk work.