Leafy Greens Preserving Share

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One large 25 lb. box of Kale, Chard, or Collards for preserving.

Available from the week of 2020-8-16 and until 2020-10-4

Chard 25 lb. $49.00  Qty: Price:
Chard Collards Mix $49.00  Qty: Price:
Collards 25 lb. $49.00  Qty: Price:
Kale 25 lb. $49.00  Qty: Price:
Kale Chard Collards Mix $49.00  Qty: Price:
Kale Chard Mix $49.00  Qty: Price:
Mix of Kale and Collards $49.00  Qty: Price:
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Certified Organic Vegetables: Locally Grown Solar Powered Community Supported