Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions will be answered on our policy page, so please read through that first. These questions provide additional information about our CSA program. If the answer to your question is not on either of these pages, send an email to:

What's in a Summer or Winter Share?

Here's a handy Summer Share guide that shows most of the veggies we grow and approximately how many times and in what part of the season we send them. If you're more visual, here's a slideshow to look at! Here is a similar chart for the Winter Share.

What’s in the box this week?

I send out a “Best Guess” email each Sunday night during Summer Share season to help with weekly meal planning.  In addition, your finalized harvest list is included in the email newsletter sent out on your delivery day.

How do I pick up my share? Here's a link to summer and winter pickup instructions.

Why haven’t I received the newsletter in my email?

Pickup reminders go out the morning of each delivery and contain a link to the newsletter. Please let me know if you're not receiving emails from the farm. All of our newsletters are posted on our website under the 

I forgot to pick up my box during my scheduled pickup time! Can I still somehow get it?

Forgetting just happens, we all do it. While it’s your responsibility to pick up your box during the designated time period, most site hosts will not donate your box if you contact them before the following day at noon. You can get your site host’s phone number off of the website and call them to schedule a new pick up time (take them some flowers!). If you can't pick up your box, ask them to gift it to someone else. Remember, if you leave the box for some time, much of the produce will wilt in the summer heat. Soaking wilted veggies in ice cold water for an hour or so will revive most things.

What if I am going on vacation or otherwise cannot pick up my box?

We would prefer if you found a friend or family member to pick-up the box for you. This is a great way to introduce new people to our program, and a chance for you to share some beautiful, local produce with them.

You may also email or call me to switch pickup days (half of Summer Shares are delivered on Monday and half on Thursday), change to a farm pickup (we can hold your box for a few days on the cooler), or choose not to have a box delivered for those days. 

Is there any sort of deadline during the week for placing orders for add-ons, changing pickup sites, etc?

Yes! The deadline for requesting changes to your Summer and Winter Shares is 9 pm a full day before your delivery (Saturday night for Monday delivery, Tuesday night for Thursday). Deadlines for Preserving Shares are generally a few days to give us a chance to harvest, but it depends on the crop.

Do you offer half shares?

We offer a Half Winter Share, which is one box per month instead of two. We don’t offer half or every-other-week Summer Shares. For smaller families or those who don’t cook a lot, we encourage you to split your share with another family. The Food Farm is all about food and community—many members have found it a blessing to have partners in the adventure of seasonal eating that is Community Supported Agriculture. Plus, the veggies in the Summer Share are perishable and are freshest if eaten within 7 days.

Can I split my Summer Share at the site or do I have to take it home first?

It’s best to take it home or meet your partner there to split it so you can each get more of what you like in the share and there’s less confusion at the site. If that doesn’t work, take your part of the share (make sure to check your name off the list first!), label the rest with the other party’s name, and set it aside so others don’t pick it up by mistake. Please don't leave partial winter shares at the pickup site. 

Can I cancel my membership?

As a small farm, we depend upon our CSA members’ financial commitment for the full season. With that said, we can offer partial refund of Summer Shares before May 1st, and Winter Shares before August 1st. Other options may be possible in cases of financial hardship. We all, members and farmers, are in this community together. Our membership is generally very stable and reliable, and this makes it possible for the farm to be somewhat flexible when some members meet unexpected difficulty.

Can I customize my box?

We do not offer customization of our summer share farm box. The goal of CSA is to provide a stable source of long-term revenue to sustain the farmers and an efficient distribution system to move the produce of the farm to the membership. Customized boxes result in much more food waste due to the overplanting that is necessary in order to ensure adequate supply for uncertain demand. They also make delivery days more time-consuming, requires more time in the office rather than in the field, and increases problems at the pickup sites. With that having been said, we do offer a customized Winter Share, called the Picky Eater share, since winter boxes are less complex than summer and the produce has already been harvested.

What if I want to become a pickup site?

Yay!  Please let us know. We are always looking to have easy access pick-up locations for you all. If you have a home or business with a small cool area to store CSA boxes, let's talk. 

I see you also sell produce wholesale--how does this affect CSA members, and who gets priority when something bad happens?

We've given a ton of thought to this issue over the years, and have developed a pretty good system for balancing the needs of the membership and the success of the farm. In short, members get priority when wholesale crops don't do well, and the wholesale markets really help to stabilize what members receive in their boxes and provide an important source of farm income. If you're interested in learning more, please read this piece that I wrote for our newsletter a few years ago.