2021 Summer Share

Store Shares 2021 Summer Share

A fresh assortment of healthy organic vegetables delivered to convenient locations in Duluth, Superior, Esko, Cloquet and Wrenshall once a week for an 18 week season, mid-June through mid-October.

This share is no longer available.

The Food Farm Summer Share has been refined over the past 27 growing seasons to provide the freshest season-long experience of the healthiest local vegetables you'll find. We plan our share to be the base of a wholesome, veggie-centered diet for a family of four. Those who don't eat a lot of vegetables, have smaller families, or eat out a lot will probably want to split their share with another family. Everything you receive in any of our shares is grown by us, on our farm in Wrenshall. You can follow this link to see what we grow.

Seasonal eating is always an adventure, but we focus on high-quality basics in our shares so that members get the most usable value and a minimum of "what do I do with this?" when it's share day.